Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Use The Child As A Weapon " Repeat three times. Repeat these phrases, whenever you feel like you're in a difficult situation. And then they become part of you with the most and will be so natural that all the stress and daily struggle gradually disappear from your life. Do I need to prevent the meetings of the father and children? Complexity makes communication with the child's father does not arise because parents in different ways represent what is wrong, and what good their child, but because he did not address their own conflicts. Children in this case are very often used as a weapon to settle accounts. And they are paying for the mistakes their parents. Not so rare that a failure to ex- spouses agree on the terms of communication father and children gives rise to new conflicts and their consequences even more serious in the Cham situation. An example from practice. Natasha. 8 years. Suffers from depression and groundless fears. Often crying, not sleeping - as a consequence - a sharp drop in school performance As a result of discussions it became clear that a child two months ago, suffered severe stress, although the mother, it seems, does not think so. Girls parents divorced 3 years, all of it while my mother tried to limit contact with the child's father. With great difficulty achieving the former wife permission to take her daughter to her on vacation, Dad decided that he would not return the girl mother. Girl, he said that mom left permanently in another city.
Social Networking Social networks are essentially a monologue. The social networks and associated technological advances, they exert their influence on the evolution of man tied to collective behavior in its dimension of social and political animal. Its ability to spread throughout the known overflows to the present, and perhaps unaware of the bias and pressure that can reach the masses sociological exercise. Without going into these effects, we emphasize that the scheme rules, involves two essential aspects: its capacity and amplified speaker to bring together friends and common interests. The main difference with the practice of chat is that this phenomenon involves dialogue, and the use of social network, leads monologue, pure soliloquy. Its design is an invitation to talk about yourself, your motivations, beliefs and hobbies. A little Johnny likes it, what are you thinking?, Writes about you, invite someone to your network ... are slogans that fill the page content. That is, comment about me and my reviews, live in me, and I seek interests for me, I do not share logos, no controversy in the etymological sense of the terms, and limit myself to participate prejudging according to my advantage. Kant reflected on the unsocial sociability of men and perhaps for that reason sentenced read more and talk less about yourself. The paradox of social networks is that the window that looked out expressing our ego we end up losing all traces of individuality before a panel and for this reason your nests spectacular growth in the ability to shape our lives through the spread of roles and the formation of states of mind. The associated power and the habit of talking instead of listening, is the triumph of the male element subliminal against the female universe, the goddess Nemesis punished Narcissus and the nymph Echo, who for entertaining...